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Data Science Postgraduation Courses

After the big data revolution, majority companies are shifting to data-centric operations. These operations require specially trained professionals for ‘data sciences.’ Data science is an emerging domain that combines the knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and computer science to work on data-centric problems in the real world. People, called ‘data scientists,’ study and ultimately utilize the knowledge to help organizations make sense of their data. Data scientists analyze the collected data, make it usable and generate insights from it, using which organizations make decisions. To become a proficient data scientist, one needs to do a comprehensive postgraduate course and become familiar with the all gritty details and concepts. 

Data Science Postgraduation Courses

Here are a few good Data Science postgraduation courses.

  1. Symbiosis Centre for Information technology (SCIT) – MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics

SCIT offers postgraduation data science via its MBA course. The MBA in Data Sciences and Data Analytics course aims to guide management professionals in a career in data-related technologies. With this data science PGDM, students will learn to use hands-on tools and gain analytical competencies. On completion, the students will be prepared for techno-functional and business-oriented roles in data projects and companies.

It is a full-time two-year residential program open to graduates from recognized universities with a minimum of 50% marks or equivalent grades. Lastly, the applicants must have had Mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2.

  1. NIIT – Advanced PG Program in Data Science and Machine Learning

NIIT offers an Advanced PG Programme in Data Science and Machine Learning to help students gain expertise in data analysis visualization, modeling, natural language processing (NLP), and other related technologies. Through this course, students will work with RDBMS (relational database management systems) and deep learning frameworks and do predictive modeling for several industry-specific use cases. 

It is a full-time online course over 18 weeks and is open for graduates with more than 50% marks or equivalent in 10th and 12th standards and graduation. The data science postgraduation course also provides placement assistance for students who pass the eligibility and are less than 25 years of age.

  1. IIT Madras – PG Diploma in Data Science

The Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (IITM) offers a comprehensive PG Diploma in Data Science. The course is open to college students, working professionals, and job seekers who wish to advance their careers in the data science domain. Through the course, students will become familiar with programming in Java, and Python, designing databases, developing APIs, advanced SQL, and full-stack development. 

It is an online data science PG diploma programme that will take about 8 months to complete. It will include 8 courses and 2 hands-on projects involving business analytics and statistical modeling. Students who have completed their 10+2 and wish to join the course must give a qualifier examination to enroll in the course.

  1. IISc Bangalore – MTech Computational and Data Sciences

The department of Computational and Data Sciences (CDS) at IISc Bangalore offers two degree programs involving research, a Ph.D. and an MTech. The MTech Computational and Data Sciences postgraduate program primarily focuses on interdisciplinary coursework. Through this course, students will learn about domain-specific sciences and areas of computing. Students will take 36 credits of coursework over 2-3 semesters. Lastly, the students must complete a dissertation project within 12 months to be certified in foundational and computational systems.

To enroll in this two-year MTech, students must provide their GATE scores to get shortlisted for the online qualifier examination and interview. The GATE score will carry 70% weightage, and the remaining 30% comprises the online test and interview. 

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  1. IIIT Lucknow – PG Diploma in Data Science

IIIT Lucknow offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science to help working professionals become experts in data warehousing, big data analytics, Python programming, intelligent agent & planning, and machine learning. Through the course, students will have 2 hours of online instruction daily and will have 2 weeks to complete each subject. There will be 10 subjects and 2 hands-on projects, after which the students will be graded.

On completion, the students will be familiar with all necessary data technologies to advance their careers in this emerging field.

  1. UPES – Distance Postgraduation Data Science

UPES is an accredited university offering a distance PG Programme in Data Science to graduated students with prior programming experience. It is a comprehensive course that covers commonly used programming languages, mathematical concepts, statistical modeling, and business aspects. Students will also get exposure to SQL, R, Python, and Tableau.

It is a 10-month online data science course for professionals who wish to advance their careers in business data analytics. It will also cover domain-specific topics, banking, e-commerce, power, aviation, logistics, and supply chain management. Any graduate with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation can enroll in this course.

  1. IIT Hyderabad – MTech in Data Science

IIT Hyderabad offers a data science postgraduate program that is an extension of its Executive MTech in Data Science (EMDS) programme. Resided by the CSE department, the new MTech in Data Science (MDS) programme is a self-paced course that helps students learn about data technologies and their applications. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to be a part of two Capstone projects.

The programme is specifically designed for working professionals with a BTech/BE degree in CS/EE/IT/ECE or an MCA/MSc/MS/ME in CS/IT. The students must have at least 70% or an equivalent grade in the degrees mentioned above. The selection process will involve a written test conducted at IIT-H followed by online interviews. 

  1. VIT – M.Sc. in Data Science

The School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) at the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) offers a comprehensive postgraduate M.Sc. degree in data science. The degree will help graduates become proficient in statistical data analysis and modeling by imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The students who enroll in the course will also work on database manipulation, preparing them for emerging roles in data science and analysis. The course will cover linear algebra, regression analysis, predictive analytics, time-series analysis, and multivariate data analysis. 

It is a two-year course open to students with formal and regular graduation with more than 50% marks or equivalent grades. On completion, the students will receive placement assistance for roles in IT firms, market research companies, e-commerce, pharmaceutical & healthcare, banking, and other financial services. 

  1. Christ University Bangalore – M.Sc. in Data Science 

The reputed Christ University offers a postgraduation data science course focusing on technical aspects and hands-on practical exposure. It offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, including electronics, mathematics, statistics, and probability. Through the course, students will become familiar with data mining techniques, programming, data analytics, and storage. The course will also impart practical skills like project management, reasoning, teamwork, and decision-making via workshops, seminars, group discussions, etc.

It is a full-time, two-year-long postgraduate program open to students with a minimum of 50% marks in BCA/Bachelor in CS/Mathematics/Statistics. 

  1. Fergusson College – M.Sc. in Data Science

The M.Sc. postgraduation data science offered at Fergusson College will provide an excellent opportunity for students to learn domain-specific hands-on skills. Students will develop a practical attitude and interest in data-driven research through the course. They will learn about data formats, languages, processing, and management. Throughout the duration, the focus will be on students’ holistic development by making them work hard and as team players.

It is a full-time, two-year-long postgraduate course open to students who graduated from accredited institutions.

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