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TorchOpt: A New Python Library for Optimization

A new Python library, built on PyTorch, called ‘TorchOpt,’ enables developers to run differentiable optimization algorithms like OptNet, MGRL, MAML, etc. DIfferentiable optimization is an emerging practice to enhance the sampling efficiency in machine learning models. However, none of the existing optimization libraries can fully enable the execution of these algorithms, or they focus only on a small subset of differentiable optimizers.

To become efficient in differentiable optimization, models must differentiate through the inner-loop optimization process to generate the gradient term of outer-loop variables (or meta-gradient). Meta-gradients can significantly improve the sampling efficiency of machine-learning models. But, there are several difficulties in developing optimization algorithms.

Firstly, developers must successfully realize different inner-loop optimization techniques before implementing differentiable optimization. Secondly, it requires a lot of computation due to large batch sizes, high-dimensional linear equations, Hessian calculations, etc. TorchOpt solves many of these problems by running optimization algorithms with multiple GPUs.

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TorchOpt offers the following:

  • It offers a “unified and expressive differentiation mode” to run optimization algorithms on computational networks created using PyTorch.
  • It offers three differentiation techniques: explicit gradient for unrolled optimization, implicit gradient for differentiable optimization, and zero-order gradient estimation for differentiable functions.
  • It comprises CPU/GPU accelerated optimizers for distributed runtime and high-performance execution. 
  • Parallel OpTree for nested structure flattening or Tree operations.

TorchOpt effectively cuts the training time and enhances machine learning models. It is open source and is readily accessible via GitHub and PyPi.

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