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Conservative MP delivers an AI-generated speed in the House of Commons

Evans began his speech by telling the House that “this may be a first”.

A Conservative MP, Luke Evans, has delivered an AI-generated speech in the House of Commons. He used a chatbot called ChatGPT to generate his speech. Evans started his speech by telling the House that it may be the first time someone has done this.

The AI program generated the speech for the prompt, a Churchillian speech on the state of the UK over the last 12 months. When questioned by Labour’s Kevin Brennan, the MP for Cardiff West, Evans emphasized the importance of AI and algorithms in shaping tomorrow’s society.

AI and algorithms are set to significantly impact education, society, the labor market, diagnosis, and tools, and it needs a far broader debate than today, Evans said. He noted that this year had seen a seismic change in which AI can be used differently.

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However, he proposed for regulating algorithms and AI to run concurrently, in synergy with the technology the UK is currently developing.

Later, Brennan joked that even his speech was written by an AI program. Evans further said that they all must face the fact that he may not be the first member to have used AI to deliver speeches. 

He said someone might have already done it and not confessed it to the House of Commons. He then cautioned the House about the potential impacts of this technology.

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