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Cognigy launches Conversational AI Analytics Suite Cognigy Insights

Cognigy Insights uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to generate accurate actionable insights from highly complex conversational data to allow its users to provide better customer service experience.

Customer support automation solutions developing company Cognigy launches its new conversational AI analytics suite named Cognigy Insights. 

The new platform, when combined with the company’s current conversational artificial intelligence solution CognigyAI will enable its clients to understand conversational data better, which would help them provide a better customer support experience. 

It is challenging for conversational AI platforms to analyze and generate insights for enormous amounts of data accurately, but Cognigy’s new platform has the capability to create actionable insights that can be used to optimize workflow and allow better responses to customer interactions. 

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Cognigy Insights uses machine learning to provide a feature called Step Explorer that helps its users to scrutinize conversations in a stepwise manner that gives them a better understanding of the intent of any conversation. 

Senior technology evangelist at Cognigy, Sebastian Glock, said, “Cognigy Insights helps customers make sense of their conversational data and give them the means to act upon insights, all within one best-in-class suite.” 

He further mentioned that improving conversational artificial intelligence analytics is the only way forward in order to provide enhanced customer communication services. The platform has a user-friendly interface that can be used to generate reports and monitor complex conversational data. 

The Germany-based conversational AI firm Cognigy was founded by Benjamin Mayr, Philipp Heltewig, and Sascha Poggeman in 2016. The company has gained much popularity in the global market for developing its low-code conversational artificial intelligence platform that uses chat and voice bots to automate customer and employee communication. 

Cognigy has raised a total funding of $54 million in two funding rounds from investors like Insight Partners, Global Brain Corporation, DN Capital, and Inventures. The company’s platform is used by many global leaders, including Lufthansa, Daimler, Bosch, Salzburg AG, and many others.

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