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Calantic AI Marketplace by Bayer analyzes CT and MRI Scans

Calantic’s cloud-based platform will automate several radiologist’s workflows for routine scans.

The radiology division at the drugmaker giant, Bayer, is expanding its portfolio of MRI and CT scan devices by adding digital and AI-powered apps for imaging. The launch of a virtual marketplace is a part of this expansion.

The new cloud-based platform, called Calantic Digital Solutions, aims to automate various routine tasks across the radiologist’s workflow in a field that is experiencing a shortage of qualified specialists. Vendor-neutral software for accelerating patient reviews, automatically classifying critical cases, and highlighting scans of dangerous lesions will be available in the marketplace. 

Gerd Kruger, Bayer’s Radiology Head, said that with Calantic Digital Solutions, the company would be a part of the fastest-growing segment in radiology. He also emphasized the company’s mission to provide an ecosystem of third-party products and services integrated with Bayer’s products and services to deliver disease-oriented solutions for radiologists.

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Following regulatory clearances, the platform’s initial rollouts are anticipated for the U.S. and European markets. It will be grouped by body area and diagnostic method and begin with disorders of the chest and nervous system, including identifying nodules in lung tissue that may be malignant and examining cerebral hemorrhages and strokes. The business declared that it would eventually introduce more disease-specific solutions.

The introduction of Calantic intends to propel the company closer to its stated objectives by beating the segment’s average annual growth rate, which is estimated to be 5 percent annually through 2030.

With technology advancements in the industry, the number of automated systems for processing imaging scans has skyrocketed. Another AI-enabled imaging platform AIDOC gained popularity by raising $110M to expand its technology.

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