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AIDOC Raises $110M to Expand AI-enabled Imaging Platform

Israeli AI-driven imaging platform AIDOC announced that it raised a $110M Series D funding to enable hospitals to tackle the post-pandemic scenario of shortages and supply costs in the post-pandemic system. The investment is to be used to expand the company’s AI capabilities.

AIDOC: Series D funding round raises $110M for the AI-enabled imaging platform. In a series D round by TCV and Alpha Intelligence Capital, the company now lands a total of $250M. AIDOC’s platform would help the hospitals to handle their most persistent challenges like rising supply costs and the ever-changing economic environment. 

The company came into existence in 2016 and provided AI-driven healthcare solutions to help medical specialists find acute anomalies in no time. Its products and services mainly assist radiologists in imaging. AIDOC’s products are FDA-cleared, the most recent of which is the software used to find and triage potential brain aneurysms in CT scans.

Besides radiology, it provides coordination software for cardiovascular care and stroke management. 

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The CEO, Elad Walach, said, “We are building the kind of breadth and depth in AI that is allowing hospitals to fundamentally change the way they do business and provide the solutions needed to successfully compete during these challenging times.”

Before the Series D funding round, AIDOC had already landed $56M in Series C last year in July. AIDOC used the investment to integrate more cross-specialty AI in imaging. The recent investment aims to ramp up the AI Care Platform continuum by covering hospital service lines and clinical workflows. 

Walach said, “Aidoc is already the leading imaging AI platform, but with this new round of investment, our aim is to massively ramp up our AI Care Platform to cover both the various hospital medical service lines and the depth of integration into the clinical workflows, empowering hospitals to activate cross-specialty care teams and deliver the best quality of care in a scalable, efficient way to patients.”

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