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Boston Dynamics’ Stretch Robot now Available Commercially

DHL Supply Chain, Gap, H&M, and Performance Team are Stretch’s early customers.

Dynamic robots and software developing company Boston Dynamics announces that its new Stretch robot is now available for commercial purchase. 

The unique robot is specially designed to perform tasks involved in warehouses and distribution centers. Boston Dynamics claims that the Stretch robot is the world’s most advanced robot in its designated field of operations. 

Stretch was first announced in 2021, and the company is now accepting reservations for the same for 2023 and 2024 deliveries. 

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According to the company, all the units built for 2022 have already been sold, proving this robot’s popularity. Some of the early customers of the Boston Dynamics’ Stretch robot include DHL Supply Chain, Gap, H&M, and Performance Team. 

Moreover, Boston Dynamics’ Stretch has recently received a $15 million pre-order from DHL Supply Chain to help automate warehouses in North America. 

Stretch is a mobile robot that unloads floor-loaded containers and packages with complex geometries. It has a powerful custom vacuum gripper that can handle up to 50 pounds at a time. Stretch is designed to maneuver in and out of trucks and tight locations in a warehouse, with improved mobility and a footprint the size of a pallet. 

An added advantage of Stretch is that it requires no pre-programming of SKU numbers or box sizes as the robot makes all the necessary unloading decisions in real-time without the need for additional human support or supervision. 

CEO of Boston Dynamics, Robert Playter, said, “Stretch makes logistics operations more efficient and predictable, and it improves safety by taking on one of the most physically demanding jobs in the warehouse.” 

He further added that many of the early adopter customers have already committed to deploying the robot at scale, so they are happy that Stretch will soon be put to work in a larger capacity, assisting shops and logistics organizations in dealing with the ongoing surge in demand for goods.

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