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DHL Supply Chain Collaborates with Boston Dynamics to Automate Warehousing

According to the multi-year contract between the two companies, DHL will invest $15 million in Boston Dynamics to deploy its Stretch robots in DHL distribution centers.

International express mail service provider DHL Supply Chain collaborates with dynamic robots and software developing company Boston Dynamics to further automate warehousing in the United States. 

As a part of this collaboration, DHL Supply Chain will invest $15 million in Boston Dynamics for equipping its warehouses with Boston Dynamics’ developed robot named Stretch. This investment makes DHL the first-ever customer of Boston Dynamics’ Stretch that is capable of automating the unloading process in distribution centers. 

Stretch developed by Boston Dynamics can address complex industry challenges through flexible automation. The companies signed a multi-year contract to accelerate the rate of warehouse automation across North America. According to DHL and Boston Dynamics, the deployment of the first batch of Stretch will begin in the spring of 2022. 

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CIO of DHL Supply Chain North America, Sally Miller, said, “At DHL Supply Chain, we are committed to continuous innovation and digital transformation to optimize the end-to-end supply chain. Investing in warehouse automation plays an important role in increasing operational efficiency and improving service for our customers.” 

Miller further added that they are excited to partner with Boston Dynamics to deploy the best available robots in their warehouses. Both the companies have been jointly working to develop and test Stretch over the last year. 

Stretch will work in the warehouse on various box-moving activities, starting with truck unloading at chosen DHL locations. After the initial deployment of Stretch, DHL will also use the robot for additional duties to support other aspects of the warehouse workflow. 

CEO of Boston Dynamics, Robert Playter, said, “We are thrilled to be working with DHL Supply Chain to deliver a fleet of robots that will further automate warehousing and improve safety for its associates. We believe Stretch can make a measurable impact on DHL’s business operations, and we’re excited to see the robot in action at scale.” 

He also mentioned that Stretch is Boston Dynamics’ newest robot, and it was specifically created to solve problems in the warehouse.

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