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BharatGPT, a rival to ChatGPT by

CoRover's BharatGPT makes use of the enormous quantity of data that is accessible online as its foundation.

The conversational AI platform CoRover, located in Bengaluru, has announced the release of BharatGPT, a large language model (LLM) that supports over 120 international languages in addition to more than 12 Indian languages.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in contrast, only supports 95 languages and mostly accepts English-only commands. Unlike ChatGPT, CoRover’s chatbot can run rich data in addition to text, including graphics, audio, video, and even maps.

BharatGPT has an accuracy rating of 90%, according to CoRover. Moreover, CoRover’s BharatGPT makes use of the enormous quantity of data and knowledge that is accessible online as its foundation while simultaneously giving users a chance to customize and enhance its content.

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Including contextually relevant information based on variables like area, sector, domain, client, business, and particular use cases allows the system to do this, thereby ensuring that customers receive relevant and up-to-date information in answer to their questions.

Additionally, it has the capacity to link with any ERP/CRM systems and support Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for real-time transactions. It also offers the option to build a customized knowledge base.

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