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Top AI News of the Day | 9 March 2023

  1. DuckDuckGo’s Search Engine introduces AI-generated responses

The most recent search engine to implement artificial intelligence is DuckDuckGo. The company has introduced a brand-new feature called DuckAssist that will automatically gather and summarize data from Wikipedia in response to specific queries. Nevertheless, only through DuckDuckGo’s mobile apps and browser extensions is DuckAssist’s beta available on the search engine at this time. If the experiment “runs well,” according to DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg, the service will be made available through the website-based search engine.

  1. Conversational AI platform CoRover announces the release of BharatGPT

The conversational AI platform CoRover, located in Bengaluru, has announced the release of BharatGPT, a large language model (LLM) that supports over 120 international languages in addition to more than 12 Indian languages. OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in contrast, only supports 95 languages and mostly accepts English-only commands. Unlike ChatGPT, CoRover’s chatbot can run rich data in addition to text, including graphics, audio, video, and even maps.

  1. Indian Meteorological Department to use AI to improve weather predictions

To provide greater forecast accuracy, the Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai, wants to gradually extend its observational network. In order to improve weather forecasting methods and evaluate radar data, S. Balachandran, Assistant Director General of Meteorology, RMC, Chennai, stated, “We are aiming to employ artificial intelligence. By providing a nowcast, artificial intelligence and machine learning would be employed to enhance projections over a shorter period of time.”

  1. AI-powered system developed to translate Japanese manga to English

AI research graduates from University of Tokyo have introduced a machine translation system, Mantra Engine, that can recognize text placed in the manga and translate it into English by identifying its proper order. It was introduced in the most recent issue of “Kizuna,” the official e-magazine of the Japanese government. With this breakthrough, readers won’t have to wait as long for translated editions of manga, and there won’t be any need for piracy.

  1. Mirror and Express owner publishes first articles written using AI

The Daily Mirror and Express’s owner has published its first stories produced by artificial intelligence, but the boss of the company insists that journalists shouldn’t worry that they will soon be replaced by robots. Reach’s CEO Jim Mullen claimed that after a working group studied the potential applications for AI, the company allowed a bot to create three articles last week.

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