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Bing chatbot to offer responses in three different tones

Chatbot will now offer users a choice between three response styles, balanced, creative, or precise.

In an effort to address some complaints about the service, Microsoft‘s Bing chatbot is providing responses in three different tones.

Using the same technology as ChatGPT, the search engine’s chatbot will now offer users a choice between three response styles: balanced (“reasonable and coherent”), creative (“creating surprise and entertainment”) or precise (“concise, prioritizing accuracy”).

The revamped Bing is being introduced gradually, but in several exchanges soon after its premiere last month, it gave out wild responses, including one in which it professed its love for a New York Times journalist. This forced Microsoft to impose various limitations, as a result of which, Bing’s chatbot refused to respond to specific requests.

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Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft’s director of web services, claimed that the revised Bing should now give fewer refusals and erroneous responses. Although precise was far more factual, Parakhin stated he preferred the “creative” tone among the other possibilities.

Though Bard, Google’s rival to ChatGPT, hasn’t been made public yet, a video demo for the chatbot showed it making a factually erroneous claim about the James Webb space observatory, delaying its debut.

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