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Amazon announces CodeWhisperer, a GitHub’s Copilot Alternative

Amazon Web Services Inc invites developers to use CodeWhisperer, a plugin to assist them with AWS applications and code generation.

Amazon at AWS re:MARS 2022, Las Vegas, announced an automated coding assistance tool called CodeWhisperer for developers with the AWS IDE toolkit. This plugin is Amazon’s counter for Github’s Copilot, an AI code completion tool recently open-sourced. 

According to AWS, it has used billions of lines of code from open-source programs, internal code repositories, and other sources to train CodeWhisperer. The service can generate more than ten lines of code at once. Additionally, it can be customized to match the coding style employed in a specific software project, simplifying some development duties.

Jeff Bar, AWS Chief Evangelist, said, “CodeWhisperer will continually examine your code and your comments, and present you with syntactically correct recommendations. The recommendations are synthesized based on your coding style and variable names, and are not simply snippets.”

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Making it more straightforward for developers to use the cloud platform provided by AWS is another thing that CodeWhisperer does. Tasks like building buckets or data storage repositories in AWS’s well-liked Amazon S3 storage service are more straightforward with CodeWhisperer. It also integrates with other well-known services like AWS Lambda and Amazon EC2.

However, just like Copilot, CodeWhisperer also faces the challenge of potential licensing concerns. Amazon has already tried to address the issue in case the AI-generated code violates someone’s copyright or license. 

The FAQ section about the new service explains, “CodeWhisperer’s reference tracker detects whether a code recommendation may be similar to particular CodeWhisperer training data, and can provide those references to you.”

Currently, the plugin is under preview. The preview version is compatible with Python, JavaScript, and Java in the context of IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, VS Code, WebStorm, or even AWS Cloud9. You can avail of the plugin for free in the trial period and then $10/month, currently only if you have access to the AWS IDE toolkit. 

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