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AlphaICs begins Global Sampling of ‘Gluon’ Deep Learning Co-processor

The processor is engineered for OEMs and solution providers targeting market segments like surveillance, industrial, retail, Industrial IoT, and edge gateway manufacturers.

Leading AI fabless semiconductor firm AlphaICs announces global sampling of its Gluon deep learning co-processor for vision AI with Superior FPS/Watt Performance. 

The company announced on 17th February regarding the availability of engineering samples of ‘Gluon’ – an 8 TOPS Edge AI inference co-processor to customers in surveillance, industrial, retail, auto, and Industrial IoT verticals which carries best-in-class FPS/Watt performance. 

Gluon will come with a full Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes neural network deployment effortless. Customers can use the advanced edge inference processor to add artificial intelligence capability to their existing X86/ARM-based systems, significantly reducing costs. 

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CEO of AlphaICs, Pradeep Vajram, said, “We are pleased with our Gluon silicon results and are now demonstrating the innovative technology to our customers. Our team worked very hard to design this high-performance, industry resonating deep-learning co-processor.” 

He further added that Gluon is well-positioned to meet the AI vision applications for surveillance, retail, industrial, and smart city markets as it is future-ready. 

According to AlphaICs, Gluon provides the best fps/watt performance in the market for classification and detection Neural Networks – 32 Frames Per Second (FPS)/watt for Yolo-V2, a leading object detection model & 22 Frames Per Second (FPS)/Watt for VGG-19, a leading classification model. 

Early customers are presently receiving Gluon samples to help them develop vision applications. The processor is engineered for OEMs and solution providers targeting vision market segments, such as surveillance, industrial, retail, Industrial IoT, and edge gateway manufacturers. 

AlphaICs says that its Gluon offers the following benchmark scores – 

  • 153 frames per second with Yolo-V2, a leading object detection model (416x416x3 image size) in 4.73 watts.
  • 79 frames per second with VGG-19, a leading classification model (224x224x3) in 3.6 watts. 

AlphaICs has established a channel partner relationship with CBC Co. Ltd, a Japanese enterprise offering video surveillance products for their customers to accelerate its market foray into highly demanding silicon markets. 

“CBC has been working with AlphaICs for close to two years, and we are excited to be its marketing partner in Japan. Gluon was showcased at Japan AI Expo in October 2021 and generated great interest from Japanese customers for vision applications based on its superior performance,” said Executive Officer at CBC, Kazuhiko Kondo. 

Interested individuals can book a demo of Gluon from the official website of AlphaICs. 

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