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Adept ACT-1: an AI assistant that can browse, search and use web apps like humans

The large-scale transformer trained to use digital tools can navigate websites just like us.

Adept, an AI and ML product company, announced a large-scale transformer ACT-1, an AI assistant that can browse, search, and use the web like humans. When provided with instructions, the AI model behaves like a personal assistant in software and navigates the web, scrolls, likes, and types whenever required. The company has released a demo video of how ACT-1 works. 

ACT-1 has been developed to work with digital tools, and has recently learned to use a web browser. It connects to a chrome extension that allows it to observe users’ actions in the browser and performs activities like searching and scrolling. The action space includes UI elements on the page, and the observation is rendered across other websites universally. 

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ACT-1 can:

  • Process high-level user requests/queries with only a command text. In this case, getting a single task done necessitates conducting activities and noting observations frequently.
  • Work with spreadsheets and exhibit real-world knowledge in inferring context and assisting computations.
  • Combine multiple tools to finish a complex task. 

The large-scale transformer ACT-1 is still in its infancy and will become more useful in the future as it is continually seeking advanced training and enhancements. It is incredibly coachable and can fix errors with just one human feedback. However, there is a potential risk for ACT-1 being misappropriated with hateful input commands. 

Adept plans to work on preventing any possible misuse by utilizing machine learning techniques and carefully staging deployment.

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Disha Chopra
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