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Zoom launches ZoomIQ, an AI-powered solution focused at Sales teams

ZoomIQ is packed with multiple AI features to increase productivity of sales teams and provide a better customer experience.

Communication platform providing company Zoom announces the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution named ZoomIQ, focused on aiding sales teams of organizations. 

The AI-enabled tool can be used to analyze sales meanings and leads to generate actionable insights, helping sales teams to make better data-driven decisions. 

ZoomIQ comes with multiple utility features, such as backstage and webinar session branding for Zoom meetings and webinars. 

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The launch of ZoomIQ also marks the company’s first attempt to enter the sales automation domain as, to date, Zoom has primarily provided only video, audio, and chat communication services. 

Companies can accelerate the new sales representative onboarding process, establish a modern sales methodology, and improve their sales teams by using actionable insights based on proven sales methods and a wealth of data provided by ZoomIQ. 

“Zoom IQ for Sales is a conversation intelligence add-on for Zoom Meetings that turns customer interactions into meaningful and actionable insights, helping teams across marketing, sales, and competitive intelligence improve crucial interactions with customers,” mentioned Zoom in a blog

It also added that companies could boost seller productivity with the use of conversation intelligence, which includes automation, risk assessments, and easy search functionality. 

Additional features of ZoomIQ include a personalized feedback system that offers a visual solution to aid sales teams in identifying areas of improvement, an option to review conversational analytics that can be used to make decisions based on real insights, and numerous others that can drastically increase the productivity of sales teams while also providing a better customer experience. 

Interested users can visit the official website of Zoom to get a demo of the newly launched ZoomIQ solution. 

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