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Zendesk Acquires to Boost Automated Customer Services believes AI democratization will result in customers benefiting from a lot of AI enabled software services without having specialized knowledge of AI

Zendesk announced the acquisition of, a Lisbon, Portugal-based platform that creates a knowledge layer on top of apps to find solutions to customer concerns. Zendesk says it would incorporate Cleverly’s technology into its existing offerings, allowing teams to automate additional procedures while meeting consumer demand. 

Zendesk writes on its blog that ensuring agents have the proper tools and processes to offer outstanding client experiences is a vital component of customer service. However, the support staff is failing to keep up with a surge of more than 20% year over year in conversation volume, across an increasing number of channels. As a result, businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to provide faster and more dependable service while also enhancing the efficiency of their workforce.’s product platform, according to Techcrunch, has a number of AI-powered features, including a triage function that automatically tags incoming service requests to help categorize workflow. With its agent assist capacity, the company also offers what it calls AI-powered human augmentation, which tries to aid customer support agents in providing the correct answers to inquiries via automated replies. It also employs machine learning to classify, prioritize, and route customer support tickets based on their intentions and queries.

Zendesk already has a number of AI-enabled tools that can assist enterprises in automating customer interactions, increasing agent productivity, and operational efficiency using features like Answer Bot, macro suggestions, and Content Cues. Answer Bot is a chatbot that provides answers extracted from Zendesk’s knowledge base. Macros use machine learning to recommend a response based on ticket context, and they use prebuilt connections with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and to keep teams connected. Further, Zendesk’s AI-powered Content Cues function assists in the automatic review of support issues and identifying locations where the content in a company’s help center can be updated to be more beneficial to users.

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Together, Zendesk and share a vision of democratizing AI and creating better AI applications to help in the provision of enhanced customer service. says in its newsroom blog that AI democratization will result in customers benefiting from the technology without struggling with its endless complexity and pitfalls.

Zendesk will use Cleverly to give a suite of features that will automate important insights, eliminate manual tasks, and optimize processes, resulting in happier, more productive support teams that can keep up with customer demand. It will also provide quick responses to agents, proactive workflow advice to managers, and operational insights to administrators.

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