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Deepen AI launches Artificial Intelligence-Powered Annotation Tool

Deepen AI has developed a new annotation tool that has features like Super Pixel, Frame Classification, and Bounding Box Segmentation.

Data labeling company Deepen AI launches its new artificial intelligence-powered annotation tool to boost computer vision training for autonomous driving vehicles and robotics. 

The platform will provide highly accurate annotations for images and videos in a concise time frame. The company has decided to offer this platform on a 60-days free trial basis in the initial stages. 

Data annotation is one of the most vital operations for training artificial intelligence and machine learning models. Deepen AI’s new platform is an all-in-one solution that collects data, uploads them on the annotation tool, and generates accurate outputs in an optimized manner. 

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Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Deepen AI, Mohammad Musa, said, “The demand for high-quality annotated data is increasing rapidly, and with our AI-powered easy to use annotation tools, enterprises and individuals can reduce annotation time and effort significantly – while maintaining the highest quality.” 

The platform also has one of the best quality control task management features that allow businesses to quickly rectify quality concerns and seamlessly monitor the entire work process. It is also loaded with numerous advanced and user-friendly tools to provide a better user experience. 

Below mentioned are some of the highlighted features of the platform – 

Super Pixel – Pixel accurate machine learning assisted segmentation.

Bounding Box Segmentation – Pixel-wise object labeling by drawing boundary boxes.

Frames Classification – Automatic pre-label up to 80 common classes that increase productivity upto 7 times.

Carter Tiernan, an engineer at Deepen AI, said, “The Deepen tool has allowed our team to create sizable bounding box and segmentation datasets. The tool itself has matured quite a bit, and the support team has been proactive in debugging and helping us.”

Deepen AI is a California-based autonomous development tooling and data labeling company founded by Anil Muthineni, Mohammad Musa, and Cheuksan Wang in 2017. The firm specializes in developing automated data labeling solutions for LiDAR, camera, and radar data.

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