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Xactly Forecasting Wins 2021 Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Award

Xactly Forecasting recently announced that it was named a “Best Predictive Analytics Solution” in the fourth annual AI Breakthrough Awards program. The award show recognizes top enterprises and products in the global market and is organized every year by an industry-leading artificial intelligence organization, AI Breakthrough

This year’s program had over 2,850 nominations from 17 different countries across the world. Xactly’s end-to-end artificial intelligence platform provides customers accurate and precise sales forecasting with the help of its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, coupled with its vast reserves of data gathered for over 16 years. 

The platform also enables the customers to access historical data, sentiment and buying patterns to better understand both upsell potential for existing customers and the likelihood of deals closing for new clients, improving revenue predictability. 

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Arnab Mishra, Chief Product Officer at Xactly, said, “To stay ahead in a competitive market and deliver on high growth targets, more enterprise organizations are optimizing their businesses and embracing intelligent revenue.” 

He further added that sales technologies are imperative components of any high-performing company. In recent times, the uncertainty of the global economy has made sales forecasting a challenge for most of the industry leaders. 

Xactly’s platform has helped such companies to predict and manage their revenue pipeline to ensure profitability accurately. The platform has also received the title of ‘2021 Product of the Year’ by Business Intelligence Group. Despite advancements in automation and the increasing pressure to succeed, enterprises fall short in forecasting and hitting their numbers as their revenue funnel is missing the ability to understand and store data. 

James Johnson, Managing Director of AI Breakthrough, said, “Sellers’ time is valuable, and solutions like Xactly Forecasting that are built on advanced artificial intelligence to provide critical insights and save this precious time are certainly ‘breakthrough’ worthy.” 

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