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Wekaio Announced Support Of NVIDIA’S Turbocharged HGX™ Supercomputing Platform

WekaIO recently announced that it would support NVIDIA’s turbocharged HGX supercomputing platform. The company plans to integrate its Weka FS limitless data platform with NVIDIA’s all new turbocharged supercomputing platform to deliver best in class performance that enterprises demand. 

NVIDIA’s HGX platform currently supports three main technologies, which include the NVIDIA NDR 400G InfiniBand networking, NVIDIA A100 80GB GPU, NVIDIA Magnum IO GPUDirect storage software, and NVIDIA NDR 400G InfiniBand networking.

The close collaborative relationship between the two companies has led to this announcement of the major integration to improve performance. NVIDIA official, Don Harris, said, “Advanced artificial intelligence development requires powerful computing, which is why NVIDIA works with innovative solution providers like WekaIO.”

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He further added that Weka’s support for their turbocharged platform would enable customers to set up an industry leading artificial intelligence infrastructure quickly. 

The new integrated platform will help consumers get a massive performance boost with relatively less overhead, process data faster while minimizing power consumption, and also increase artificial intelligence and machine learning workload more accurately. 

Using this new platform, clients will be able to deploy high-performance solutions to an increasing number of industries that require quick access to data both on-premise and cloud. 

Co-founder and CEO of WekaIO, Liran Zvibel, said, “NVIDIA is not just a close technology partner to Weka but also one of the strategic investors.” He also mentioned that the two companies are keen to work closely to ensure that WekaIO’s platform supports and incorporates the latest improvements to the NVIDIA HPC platform as they become available. The company has overcome several challenges in this sector by collaborating with many industry leaders, including NVIDIA. They are looking forward to maintaining such relationships to enhance their technology further. 

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