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Dvara Partners With IFFCO Tokio To Launch Artificial Intelligence Powered Cattle Digital Identity

Dvara E-Dairy Solutions recently announced its partnership with IFFCO Tokio to launch its new artificial intelligence-powered platform, Surabhi E-tag. The new platform will be capable of digitally tagging cattle to identify them based on muzzle identity. 

Pictures of the cattle are collected via the artificial intelligence-based Surabhi mobile application and stored in hi-resolution images as a unique digital identity. The partnership with IFFCO general insurance company was made to assist the digitization process of cattle identity further to speed up the process of their insurance. 

Founder and CEO of Dvara E-dairy solutions, Ravi K. A, said, “Lack of scalable, tamper-proof, unique digital identity of cattle is one of the main reasons for moral hazard, resulting in a higher loss ratio for cattle insurers.”

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He also mentioned that using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the prime issue of improving the quality of images while capturing the image could be resolved.

One of the biggest challenges faced by cattle insurance companies is the accurate identification of cattle and the extended processing time. The artificial intelligence-powered smartphone application of Dvara E-Dairy captures images with the mobile phone while simultaneously comparing the cattle’s unique digital identity stored in a protected cloud server and retrieves the results in less than a minute. 

EVP of IFFCO Tokio General Insurance, Subrata Mondal, said, “We were exploring a dependable cattle identity process that can be stored digitally and can be accessed anytime.” She further added that they are delighted to partner with Dvara E-Diary to develop Surabhi e-Tag to capture muzzle images accurately.

Conventional tagging methods such as polyurethane ear tags can be easily tampered with and are prone to duplication and fraud. Injectable Radio Frequency Identification tags are expensive and require specialized skills. But Surbhi e-tag enables anyone to easily click pictures to tag cattle, which analyzes the discriminative features and stores the information in a tamper-proof, secure cloud-based platform. 

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