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Vislink Launches New Mobile Viewpoint Stellar Camera

The product will be showcased at the NCAA 2022 Convention Trade Show from 20th to 21st January.

Advanced communication technology developing company Vislink launches its new mobile viewpoint stellar camera for artificial intelligence-powered live sports production. The newly launched camera caters to all needs for automatic coverage of popular sports. 

Vislink has equipped that camera with high-end features that allow it to capture high-resolution videos at higher frame rates with zooming capabilities. It is an extremely reliable camera as it is waterproof and has a strong built quality. 

The product will be showcased at the NCAA 2022 Convention Trade Show in booth number 309. It will be among the all-IP wireless streaming products designed for use in remote and live sports productions showcased by Vislink. 

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CEO of Vislink, Mickey Miller, said, “Stellar Cam represents the latest in a long line of AI solutions brought to market by our Mobile Viewpoint brand. It is a key component of IQ Sports Producer, our platform for capturing live sporting events without the need for onsite staff.” 

He also mentioned that IQ Sports Producer is appropriate for mid to low-tier sports matches. The platform also allows Over The Top (OTT) media platforms to capture and broadcast sporting events very cost-effectively. United Kingdom-based technology company Vislink was founded by Roger G. Branton in 1999. 

The company is a global leader in capturing, delivering and managing high-quality live video for various industries, including sports, entertainment, law enforcement, defense, and many more. Vislink has successfully acquired several companies, including Mobile Viewpoint, Pebble Beach Systems, Focus Communications, Pacific Microwave Research, and many others. 

“At the beginning of our AI journey, we offered an off-the-shelf 4x 4K panoramic surveillance camera to our customers. Though it was ideal for web streaming, many of our higher-end broadcast customers wanted a camera with a higher frame rate, adjustable lenses, and something that did not rely on an optical zoom,” said Managing Director of Mobile Viewpoint, Michel Bais.

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