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University of Jordan launches master’s program in AI and robotics

The Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (DeCAIR) project is a supporter of the master’s program.

University of Jordan (UJ) has launched a master’s program in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. It is a joint project between the mechatronics engineering and computer engineering departments. Developing Curricula for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (DeCAIR) project, which the EU’s Erasmus+ Program funds, supports the master’s program.

The program launched Thursday is the first such program to be taught at a university in Jordan that involves AI and robotics. Its launch comes as Jordan gears up to transform itself in the digital era. The government of Jordan linked up all public offices electronically, and many services are now being done online.

According to Nasser Al-Hunaiti, the dean of the engineering faculty, the UJ program is consistent with the general framework of the master’s programs. He said anyone having a Bachelor’s degree in any engineering field could enroll.

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DeCAIR has allocated 95,000 Euros to the project. It has established an AI and machine learning laboratory, purchasing electronic tablets, a video and picture conference system, and robotics lab, according to Abandah.

The program’s curriculum includes five mandatory courses, viz. Applied Machine Learning, Industrial Robotics, Applied Research Approach, Robotics Systems, and Machine Vision, in addition to eight different optional courses. Dr. Musa Al-Yaman, a professor from mechatronics engineering department, is responsible for developing curricula for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs at the University of Jordan. 

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