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AI Innovation Centre for Medical Imaging by and Erasmus MC

The health tech firm and medical center of Rotterdam have collaborated to launch a center of medical imaging., a leading health tech company, and Erasmus MC, University of Rotterdam, has launched an AI Innovation Centre for medical imaging. Initially planned for 3 years, the center will conduct comprehensive research in detecting abnormalities using artificial intelligence algorithms.

The center will aim to understand more potential use cases for AI in medical sciences across Europe and guide physicians in adopting such technologies. Erasmus MC is a recognized innovator in healthcare excellence. It will run the lab and carry forward the musculoskeletal and chest imaging research using’s AI technology.

Dr. Jacob J. Visser, Radiologist & Chief Medical Information Officer at Erasmus, said, “In’s work to date, it is clear that they gathered detailed insights into the effectiveness of AI in healthcare settings, and together we will be able to assess effective use cases in European clinical environments.”

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Adopting AI has the potential to alleviate healthcare clinicians’ burden of constrained resources and will also provide early warning systems. With’s technologies, the benefits of automated detection of anomalies and progressive detection are already visible. 

Over the duration of 3 years, many radiologists and Ph.D. students will work together to generate evidence and publish it in peer-reviewed journals. The focus will be on chest imaging, including X-rays and brain CTs.

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