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Uniphore acquires AI-based Knowledge Automation company Colabo

Colabo's cutting-edge AI technology supports consumer interaction solutions by combining data from any digital and physical source into a smooth, customized omni-channel experience.

Artificial Intelligence-powered customer service platform provider Uniphore acquires AI knowledge automation company Colabo. 

Either of the companies did not provide any information regarding the valuation of this acquisition deal. According to Uniphone, this acquisition will allow the company to expand its platform’s capabilities using Colabo’s knowledge extraction and automation expertise. 

The integration will allow organizations to extract knowledge entities and graphs from structured and unstructured data. 

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Clients of Uniphore will drastically benefit from this integration as this will allow IVAs and live agents to receive the most relevant content and next-best-action, resulting in improved customer experiences. 

Colabo’s cutting-edge AI technology supports consumer interaction solutions by combining data from any digital and physical source into a smooth, customized omnichannel experience. 

Co-founder and CEO of Uniphore, Umesh Sachdev, said, “Simply put, consumers today expect access to up-to-date information to solve their problems and contact centers can provide better experiences with the latest technologies that do exactly that.” 

He further added that this acquisition brings together distinct capabilities to provide organizations with new tools that enable them to quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide agents with $400 million in its latest Series E funding round. 

United States-based data extraction and utilization solution providing company Colabo was founded by Asaf Wexler, Naama Halperin, and Yoav Dembak in 2011. The firm specializes in offering an artificial intelligence-powered knowledge automation solution that extracts and utilizes information from structured and unstructured documents in real-time. 

To date, the company has raised more than $10 million from multiple investors like Marker, Kaedan Capital, RedSeal, and others over three funding rounds. 

Co-founder and CEO of Colabo Yoav Dembak said, “Today, I am proud to say we have achieved that and will be taking our vision even further by integrating into Uniphore’s conversational AI and automation platform, bringing rigor and best-of-breed agility and accuracy to every contact center inquiry.”

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