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UK’s CDEI Publishes World’s first roadmap for AI development

The roadmap will ensure the deployment of reliable and trustworthy AI technologies in the country.

The Center for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) publishes the world’s first roadmap to accelerate the growth of the artificial intelligence ecosystem in the United Kingdom. It is a one-of-a-kind roadmap that aims to make the United Kingdom a world leader in artificial intelligence. 

The newly published roadmap is a part of the country’s national AI strategy to help regulate the threats posed by various artificial intelligence technologies and promote the adoption of risk-free solutions in multiple industries. According to the guideline, artificial intelligence technologies will be first verified to check their reliability and security before they get deployed in the country.

The Minister of Technology and the Digital Economy at the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports, Chirs Philip, said, “In the National AI Strategy, we committed to establishing the most trusted and pro-innovation system for AI governance in the world and building an effective AI assurance ecosystem in the UK will be critical to realizing this mission.” 

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He further added that he is looking forward to working with the stakeholders from standards bodies and service firms to make the vision of the roadmap a reality. 

The roadmap published by CDEI points out the following six areas for action – 

  1. To generate demand for reliable and effective assurance for artificial intelligence supply chains and improve understanding of risks involved with their deployment.
  2. To build a dynamic and competitive artificial intelligence market in the country. 
  3. To develop standards to provide a common language for AI assurance. 
  4. To build an accountable artificial intelligence assurance profession.
  5. In setting up specific requirements to support organizations to meet regulatory obligations. 
  6. In improving links between industries and researchers. 

According to CDEI, a stable and matured AI ecosystem has the potential to become a multi-billion pound industry in the coming years. Moreover, a matured artificial intelligence industry will open doors to thousands of new job opportunities in the United Kingdom. 

“Today’s publication marks a key first step in operationalizing the UK’s National AI Strategy and the UK leading the way in how a world-leading AI assurance ecosystem and market can become a reality,” said deputy CEO of TechUK Antony Walker.

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