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Udacity Is Offering Yet Another Scholarship For AI, Data, & Cloud Track

15,000 applications will be approved for free by Udacity for this scholarship

Udacity collaborates with Bertelsmann to offer yet another scholarship to more than 15,000 learners in the coming months. The scholarship is segmented into two parts, where learners will have to qualify the first phase to obtain the second part of the scholarship. Of the 15,000 learners who will be accepted for the first phase, only 4,800 will be offered advanced courses for AI, Data, and Cloud.

Learners will not have the option to choose among the three tracks–AI, Data, and Cloud–to apply for the scholarship. Udacity will be evaluating the right track based on the answers you provide while applying. Introduction to Azure Applications (cloud track), Introduction to Problem Solving and Advanced Analytics (data track), and Introduction to AI in Business (AI track) are the courses available for the first phase.

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However, not everyone completing the course will be offered an advanced course. Udacity usually considers various metrics to evaluate students, which they announce in the slack workspace as the first phase starts. Nevertheless, 1600 learners from each track will be promoted to the next step of the scholarship.

Unlike previous terms, this scholarship by Udacity doesn’t require you to go through a lengthy application phase. Udacity has removed the fields where you had to type in your response. 

The last day to apply for the scholarship is on November 16, 2020, and the first phase will start on December 3, 2020. Eventually, the advanced course will begin on March 15, 2020.

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Anyone with age above 18 is eligible for the scholarship, but you would require some prerequisite knowledge to get started. In addition, if you can dedicate 5 hours of your time in a week, you will be able to qualify for the first phase. However, the advanced course will be a bit demanding and require you to spend up to 10 hours per week.

Read about the Udacity scholarship here and apply accordingly.

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