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A New Free Deep Learning Course By — an independent research center that makes superior solutions for easy accessibility of deep learning — has released a free course, along with the book. The course — Practical Deep Learning for Coders — is aimed at the introduction to machine learning and deep learning, and production and deployment of models.

Practical Deep Learning Course by covers the material from the book PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD. Every video lesson covers one chapter of the book that is also freely available if you do not want to purchase it from Amazon. PyTorch: AI Applications Without a PhD. is hosted on GitHub, where you can access the book in a freely available interactive Jupyter Notebooks.

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However, the entire book is not covered in this Practical Deep Learning for Coders course. In the future, will release the second part of the course that will complete the book’s remaining lessons.

Unlike most of the free courses and short-term courses, this deep learning course by covers an end-to-end data science workflow as it also provides lessons on the deployment of models and data ethics. This makes it a must for aspirants who want to learn advanced techniques and make themselves relevant to the industry.

What you will learn:

  1. Optimize models to get exceptional results in computer vision, NLP, recommenders, and more
  2. How to turn your models into web applications, and deploy them
  3. How to enhance your models’ accuracy, speed, and reliability 
  4. Ethical implementation while making models
  5. Other techniques such as random forests and gradient boosting, parameters and activations, random initialization and transfer learning, among others

Over the years, has been releasing some of the best deep learning courses online for aspirants to learn for free; Last week, it released a course on ethics — Practical Data Ethics.

Note: Please do not make the Jupyter Notebook version of the book into PDF and distribute it to respect the provider’s generosity. Use it only for your education or learning if you cannot buy it on Amazon.

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