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UAE Students offered Internships in Cryptocurrency and AI

Three core competences would be the emphasis of the students, including cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, and entrepreneurship.

Students from the United Arab Emirates are receiving next-generation internship opportunities in fields like artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency. 

The opportunity will considerably help students make them industry ready for their future careers. According to the plan, digital internships will be provided at major global firms such as HSBC, Uber, Weiss Asset Management, KPMG, and Dentons to students aged thirteen to twenty in the United Arab Emirates.

Crimson Education, a higher education consultancy in the UAE, is in charge of executing this one-of-a-kind internship program. This significant step by UAE is to train a group of highly skilled workers in specialized areas for an ever-changing employment landscape. 

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Students will emphasize on three competencies, including cryptocurrencies, which gives an understanding of how the industry operates. The second focuses on blockchain, while the third is about entrepreneurship.

Regional Director of Crimson Education, Soraya Beheshti, said, “We believe that young people tend to get sidelined a lot because of age, and tend to be told that your age is really a limitation, you shouldn’t be working, you shouldn’t be doing this, you’re not experienced enough, you have to pay your due.” 

She further added that she wants young people to believe they belong and deserve a seat at the table. Crimson Education mentioned that the cost of the training varies depending on how much assistance the intern requires, but it can cost as much as $4,900 for the most comprehensive instruction. 

Additionally, the best interns will be hired as paid analysts by Weiss Asset Management, a worldwide investment company based in the United States.

Siddhant Tandon, an Indian student at Dubai International Academy, received an internship opportunity with PWC Australia, which he was able to secure through a Crimson Education competition. 

While talking about the internship opportunity, he said that before starting college, every student should do at least one internship to gain experience in the workplace. 

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