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Twitter Blue Relaunch, Higher Price for Apple Users

Twitter users will get a revamped version of subscription services with the Twitter Blue relaunch but for a higher price for Apple users, charging US$8 from others and US$11 from iOS users. The platform tweeted on Sunday about the prices and that the new offering will enable users to change their handles, edit tweets, upload videos up to 1080p quality, get a blue checkmark on account verification and do much more.

In an effort to combat impersonation, Twitter has now introduced a review process before awarding a blue checkmark to an account. The social media site will soon include grey checkmarks for the government and “multilateral accounts,” as called by Twitter, and gold checkmarks for corporations to further color-code timelines.

Twitter is not very transparent about the price difference between Android and iOS users. However, it may have something to do with discouraging people from subscribing via the App Store.

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Elon Musk had not been satisfied with Apple’s policy changes and movements and has tweeted about many of these grievances, including apple charging a 30% commission from software developers over in-app purchases. Later, he claimed that Apple had threatened to ban Twitter from its app store.

Fortunately, after a subsequent meeting with Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, Elon tweeted:

He later deleted all previous tweets he posted against Apple and its App Store policies.

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