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Trello Adds Visualisation To Bring Insights Into Projects

As remote working is becoming the new normal, Trello releases an update to its project management tool. This major update brings several features like a dashboard, a timeline, a table, and more. 

The idea behind the new release is to offer context to the content to help teams work effortlessly while being at different places. In addition to the feature release, there is a once-in-a-decade makeover of Trello’s logo and brand.

Of the many features, visualization invoked interest among users as it offers insight into projects’ progress, assigned cards, deadlines, and others. With this update, Trello is focused on bringing new visibility into projects with ease, assisting in generating reports that can be assimilated quickly with visuals.

Built on top of AWS, Trello has over 50 million users and has plans to double down on acquiring new users with added functionalities that streamline the workflow of organizations. For this, the new Trello has added tables, which are capable of replacing spreadsheets for project management, according to the company.

To transform teams’ capabilities, Trello has also added new functionalities to views, cards, and more. Besides, calendar and due date are a new addition, where you can manage tasks and create commands to assign actions of cards based on events. For instance, the moment a card is due, move the card to the top of the list “To Do” and join the card.

Note: Several features are only available for business class and enterprise customers.

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Kenny Manuel
Kenny Manuel
Kenny Manuel is a tech enthusiast who likes to write about the latest developments in the artificial intelligence industry. However, his interest mostly lies in mergers and acquisitions of AI-based companies.


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