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AWS To Host A Free AI/ML Edition Conference Of AWS Innovate

AWS will host a free AI/ML edition of AWS Innovate for both machine learning beginners and practitioners. AWS Innovate is packed with 50+ sessions, model deployments best practices, business use cases, hands-on guides, technical demos, and more. The event will be hosted on 24 February 2021 to assist machine learning enthusiasts to learn from the experts of AWS.

Learners will also get a certificate of attendance if they completely watch 5 sessions or more of AWS Innovate AI/ML edition.

The sessions are designed into 4 levels of attendees’ expertise on various AWS and AI/ML topics. While the basic levels include imparting knowledge of getting started with AWS for AI and ML, advanced levels have sessions like optimization of recommendations, choosing the right ML algorithms for different use cases, and more.

AWS Innovate AI and ML edition also caters to startups as it has separate sessions like building AI-powered applications without any machine learning expertise, scaling your startup, among others.

Other interesting events at AWS Innovate AI/ML edition are AWS DeepRacer — a beginner’s way of getting started with reinforcement learning by training an agent for autonomous driving. Users can choose to participate in the AWS DeepRacer event and compete with learners from across the world.

Register for the AWS Innovate AI/ML virtual event here.

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Ratan Kumar
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