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Top AI News of the Day (10 January 2023)

  1. DoNotPay’s AI-Powered Robot Lawyer to Defend a Human

An AI-powered legal assistant lawyer is set to be an advisor to a defendant in the US next month. Claimed to be the world’s first robot lawyer, developed by DoNotPay, will run on a smartphone, attend the hearing and then advise the defendant via an earpiece. DoNotPay, a legal service provider founded by Joshua Browder, uses artificial intelligence to leverage legal consultancy services. To see how DoNotPay works, check out Joshua’s recent conversation with Wells Fargo bank.

  1. Microsoft’s VALL-E, a New Text-to-Speech AI Model

Microsoft has unveiled VALL-E, a new text-to-speech AI model that, given a three-second audio sample, can accurately mimic a person’s voice. After the model becomes familiar with a distinct voice, it can synthesize audio of that voice saying anything while maintaining the speaker’s emotional tone. Read more about VALL-E here.

  1. 100% Wireless Displace OLED TV Showcased at CES 2023

A technology upstart called Displace has surpassed LG’s signature wireless OLED (with just a power line) by making its 55-inch 4K OLED TV completely wireless. The TV runs on four hot-swappable batteries and a base hub that transmits entertainment channels. It feels like a dream come true, but at a whopping US$3000!

  1. Microsoft in Talks with OpenAI Over US$10B Investment

According to Semafor, Microsoft is in talks to invest roughly $10 billion in OpenAI, raising the company’s estimated value to $29 billion. The funding includes other venture firms too. All prospective investors recently received the deal’s paperwork, with the goal of closing the round by the end of 2022.

  1. Maruti Suzuki’s ExpoVerse at the Auto Expo 2023

The automaker announced its metaverse project at Auto Expo 2023, ExpoVerse, aimed to offer an immersive user experience. Maruti Suzuki also showcased its virtual pavilion with various experimental zones and over 1,100 NEXA and ARENA dealerships, accessible with VR devices throughout the country.

  1. AR Rahman Steps into the Web3 World with His Metaverse Platform ‘Katraar’

The world-famous Music composer, producer, and singer AR Rahman is the latest Indian celebrity to foray into the web3 ecosystem with his metaverse platform ‘Katraar.’ Katraar is a digital platform that will feature upcoming musicians and artists. Rahman posted a teaser for his 56th birthday on 6th January, surprising millions of his fans while announcing the platform as a tradition and means of wisdom for the music industry.

  1. Conversational AI Startup NLX Raises US$4.6M for Product Development

NLX, an AI startup working on conversational technologies, said it had raised US$4.6m after over a year of previous investment in a funding round led by IAG Capital Partners in collaboration with JetBlue Ventures and Flying Fish Ventures. The funding will help the budding startup to advance its next-gen conversational experiences on its end-to-end no-code platform. 

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