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DoNotPay’s Joshua Browder Worked Out a Refund Request on Call With a DeepFake AI-Voice and GPT

In an AI experiment, Joshua Browder attended a phone call with Wells Fargo Bank professional to work through a refund request using a deepfake voice.

Over the year-end holidays, Joshua Browder attended a phone call with personnel from Wells Fargo to work through a refund request using DoNotPay’s AI-generated deepfake voice and OpenAI’s GPT.

Browder is the founder of DoNotPay, a world-first application offering robot lawyers. It is a downloadable mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to assist and provide legal services on a subscription basis.

Browder and a few employees used to test its capabilities to generate a deepfake AI-voice clone of Browder’s voice and called the Wells Fargo Bank. They used the open-source GPT-J to generate continuous responses about Browder’s checking account during the exchange. 

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When the deepfake AI-voice bot phoned the bank, Browder had US$46.91 in his account. As directed, the voice then spoke to a banker to get a refund on a wire transfer and managed an entire conversation that was scripted using the latest version of GPT, GPT 3.5.

As seen in the video, the bot successfully overturned the wire fees, indicating that AI has demonstrated that applying AI technologies in such situations and use cases can save time.

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