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Thiruvananthapuram to be Kerala’s artificial intelligence hub

The project would help children keep pace with the changing world by enhancing their technical knowledge.

Thiruvananthapuram will be made Kerala’s artificial intelligence hub, the Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, said on Thursday. He said that various projects are being formulated under the leadership of the Kerala Startup Mission and higher education institutions. 

On Thursday, he inaugurated a project for putting in place about 9,000 robotic kits in around 2,000 high schools in the public sector via their Little KITEs units. 

The Chief Minister said the government had established a policy for promoting start-ups. However, an effective workforce is needed to realize it. He said that the government is implementing several schemes to link the higher education sector to the industry for achieving this objective. 

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The project will help children keep up with the changing world by upscaling their technical knowledge. He said they would get opportunities to become acquainted with novel technologies and gain practical knowledge.

Teachers will be provided special training to implement the robotics kits project. Around 60,000 students of the Little KITEs IT clubs will be trained under those teachers’ leadership. They, in turn, would prepare other students. The Chief Minister said that 12 lakh students would be provided the training. 

“Interventions, right from the school level, are also needed. This is what prompted the formulation of the project to prepare schools with robotic kits,” the CM said.

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