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Tencent Introduces AI Large Language Model Hunyuan

Tencent's foundation model enables a wide range of operations, including the generation of images, copywriting, text recognition, customer service, and more. 

At the Global Digital Ecosystem Summit in Shenzhen on September 7, Chinese technology company Tencent introduced their Hunyuan artificial intelligence system, a multimodal large language model (LLM) akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT

Tencent’s foundation model enables a wide range of operations, including the generation of images, copywriting, text recognition, and customer service, to name a few. Hunyuan is designed to work as a comprehensive suite of AI tools. Key businesses like finance, public services, social media, e-commerce, transportation, games, and many more will benefit from it,  according to the company. 

The AI system is connected to Tencent Games, Tencent Fintech Services, Tencent Meeting, Tencent Cloud, Tencent Marketing Solutions, Tencent Docs, Weixin Search, and QQ Browser as part of Tencent’s ecosystem of applications and services.

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According to Tencent, Hunyuan is purportedly comparable to GPT3 (OpenAI’s main model, around 2022) in terms of raw numbers and capacity. The LLM is among the most potent LLMs in the world with 100 billion parameters and 2 trillion tokens.

According to the company, Hunyuan benefits from having received training on a big corpus of Chinese language text. Theoretically, when it comes to operations in the Chinese language environment, this would put it ahead of models trained primarily on non-Chinese texts.

The debut occurs at a time when ties between the United States and China are still tense following the Biden administration’s imposition of an export embargo on specific categories of computer chips, including gear frequently used to train and create AI systems, in October 2022.

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