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South Korea to build a $330 million Artificial Intelligence Complex

The new AI complex would provide new job opportunities in the city and would help in developing new technologies for sustainable future growth.

South Korea plans to build a $330 million national artificial intelligence complex named ‘The National AI Industrial Convergence Complex.’ According to officials, the AI complex will be built over the next three years.

The AI complex will provide office space and data center to more than 70 startups to help them develop new and highly scalable artificial intelligence solutions for enterprises. The AI complex will be built upon a massive area of 46,200 square meter in the southwestern Korean city of Gwangju. 

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This new development is a step towards accelerating South Korea’s beyond the information and communications powerhouse in the post-Covid-19 era into an artificial intelligence powerhouse. 

According to a Minister of Korea, the AI complex will open windows to new job opportunities and foster new industries after the COVID-19 pandemic. The AI complex will mainly focus on developing solutions for the automobile and energy industries. 

Invest Korea mentioned regarding the AI complex that it would “transform the regional industrial structure centred on the manufacturing industry into a future-oriented industrial structure by linking with Gwangju’s flagship industries such as automobile, energy, and healthcare.” 

The national AI industrial convergence complex will help developers create new technologies for sustainable and stable future growth. Apart from this newly launched project, Gwangju houses various other technology companies, including Samsung, LG, and Kia automobiles. The AI complex will help the city in becoming a hub of artificial intelligence technologies that would benefit various industries across the world.

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