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Laiye Partners with Huawei Cloud to Power Brazil’s Digital Transformation

The companies will together help Brazilian startups develop and deploy artificial intelligence solutions in the country to boost Brazil’s digital transformation.

Intelligent assistant solution developing company Laiye partners with Huawei Cloud to power Brazil’s digital transformation goal. The strategic partnership will focus on the deployment of various artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing solutions throughout Brazil to accelerate its digitization process. 

According to the companies, this newly launched initiative will slowly roll out in other parts of Latin America soon. Both the companies acknowledge the exponential growth of artificial intelligence technologies and startup ecosystems in the entire world. 

With their combined efforts, the companies believe that they can help Brazilian startups and organizations to bring innovations and develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. 

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General Manager of Laiye, Petter Dalen, said, “Latin America is a region rich in opportunity and growth, and working with HUAWEI CLOUD helps us serve this dynamic and fast-growing market and leverage AI, cognitive, and cloud capabilities.” 

He further added that they are looking forward to working with Huawei Cloud in order to help tech companies build more high-end solutions for benefiting organizations working in various industries, including retail, education, logistics, healthcare, and many more. 

Many Brazilian startups have started adopting AI solutions to increase their productivity and ease of operations. According to a report of Accenture, the artificial intelligence sector has the highest economic growth for Brazil, with an estimated worth of over $400 billion in Gross Added Value by 2035. 

President of Huawei Cloud Brazil, Qin Dan, said, “Together with Laiye, our mission is to deliver value to the industry and society through innovation and help our customers go digital with innovative and reliable products and solutions.” 

He also mentioned that they are incredibly thrilled to join hands with Laiye to serve their customers in Latin America by helping them in their digital transformation. 

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