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Silicon Labs Brings AI and ML to the Edge with Matter-Ready Platform

Silicon Labs has started delivering its product to alpha customers and will make the product commercially available from April 2022.

Intelligence wireless technology providing company Silicon labs unveils wireless SoCs for Bluetooth and Multiple-protocol operations and a new software toolkit. The newly developed SoCs named BG24 and MG24  will allow the company to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning to the edge with a matter-ready platform. 

This new co-optimized hardware and software platform will aid in the delivery of artificial intelligence applications as well as high-performance wireless connectivity to battery-powered edge devices. 

Silicon Lab’s newly released processors support a variety of wireless protocols and have PSA Level 3 Secure Vault protection, making them perfect for smart home, medical, and industrial applications. 

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CEO of Silicon Labs, Matt Johnson, said, “The BG24 and MG24 wireless SoCs represent an awesome combination of industry capabilities including broad wireless multiprotocol support, battery life, machine learning, and security for IoT Edge applications.” 

The announced SoCs include the following features – 

  • Two new 2.4 GHz wireless SoC families are available, with support for Matter, Zigbee, Bluetooth mesh, proprietary and multiprotocol operation, OpenThread, Bluetooth Low Energy, and many more such capabilities. The technology also comes with the largest memory and flash capacity in the company’s product portfolio. 
  • A latest software toolkit that enables developers to quickly build and deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms utilizing popular suits such as TensorFlow.

United States-based silicon and software solutions provider Silicon Labs was founded by Bill Bock in 1996. To date, the organization has successfully acquired more than 20 companies, including Redpine Signals, Sigma Designs, Touchstone Semiconductor, Energy Micro, and many more. 

Silicon Labs’ new technology will be commercially available from April 2022. However, the product has already been shipped to Silicon Lab’s alpha customers. In a private Alpha program, more than 40 organizations from various industries and applications have already begun developing and testing this innovative platform solution.

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Dipayan Mitra
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