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Renesas Electronics Acquires Reality AI to Deliver Seamless Endpoint AI to IIoT

The Japanese processor company Renesas Electronics acquired Reality AI (Reality Analytics) to expand its endpoint solutions.

In its latest announcement, Renesas Electronics Corporation, a premier manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, announced its collaboration with Reality AI, a company that offers embedded AI solutions. The partnership will entail Renesas’s acquisition of Reality AI in all-cash transactions. It will enhance the former’s endpoint AI services by providing more efficiency to make their products AIoT ready. 

With the evolution of endpoint-protected workload environments, the world cannot be more connected than it is today. This makes embedding AI into products inevitable. Renesas has been offering such workload environments that are equipped to embed AI in highly secured Microprocessors (MPUs) and Microcontrollers (MCUs).

The acquisition of Reality Analytics’ AI tools will allow Renesas to improve its in-house capabilities. Renesas will be able to provide more comprehensive and optimized endpoint solutions for both software and hardware.

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Besides Reality AI’s range of embedded tools, it also provides TinyML solutions catering to advanced non-visual sensing. Their fast-delivering ML algorithms are capable of fitting on the smallest MCUs. Renesas’s wide range of MCU portfolios can combine these technologies to deliver top-of-the-line AI. 

Reality AI Tools, a Reality AI flagship specifically designed to provide analytics from sensory data, will assist in enhancing Renesas’s signal processing capabilities. 

The acquisition will also bring a brand-new AIoT center-of-excellence to existence. Experts from Reality AI will come together at the facility in Maryland and form a software development base to address the requirements of customers eager to work with AI. 

Hidetoshi Shibata, CEO and President of Renesas, remarked, “The addition of Reality AI’s AI solutions to our existing embedded AI portfolios will further solidify our position as a leading AIoT solution provider.”

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