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Qlik Beams In BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 21 Results

The recent BARC The BI & Analytics Survey 21 showcases the high esteem the BI and analytics community has for Qlik® as a leading choice for modern analytics and business intelligence. Qlik Sense® earned 11 number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in four peer groups in the annual survey of over 2,500 BI and analytics practitioners.

“Qlik is laser focused on delivering robust and easy-to-use modern analytics that drive actionable insights for everyone throughout an organization,” said Josh Good, Vice President, Product Marketing for Data Analytics at Qlik. “This year’s BARC The BI and Analytics survey results, which show Qlik Sense as first in 11 categories, clearly demonstrates that for many organizations, Qlik is exceeding expectations and delivering a positive impact on their organizations through data and analytics.”

BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 21 is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of business intelligence end-users, analytics professionals, IT, and stakeholders. The independent survey examines Qlik customer feedback on BI product selection and usage across 36 criteria (KPIs), including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation, and competitiveness.

This year’s survey shows incredible enthusiasm for Qlik’s modern analytics offering, Qlik Sense. Per BARC, “Qlik Sense has significantly improved on its already impressive results from last year’s BI Survey, earning 11 number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in its four peer groups.” Those accolades include:

  • Top Ranked in eight categories for Large international BI vendors, including business benefits, business value, recommendation, product satisfaction, dashboards, analyses, customer experience, and data preparation
  • Top Ranked in two categories for Self-service analytics-focused products: analyses and competitiveness
  • Top Ranked in competitiveness for Embedded analytics-focused products

The report also details that for those who know analytics best, Qlik Sense is delivering superior impact and performance. Analytics professionals, IT, and stakeholders had this to say on how Qlik Sense is delivering superior performance and impact. 

  • “The best visual analytics software right now. No other tool makes it so easy to find hidden insights and answer questions that you didn’t even know you had.” – BI/Analytics Project Manager for > 2,500 employee Oil, Gas and Mining organization.
  • “I believe Qlik Sense has flipped traditional BI development on its head. Its ability to handle large, multiple and/or poor-quality data sets, without cumbersome expensive warehousing and its agility to produce cost effective, timely, consistent and meaningful BI for the business.” – BI/Analytics Project Manager for 100-2500 employee Public Sector organization on what they like most about Qlik Sense.
  • “Go ahead and buy it. It is a life saver.” – BI/Analytics Project Manager from the IT department of 100-2,500 Education focused organization.

Qlik Sense also saw 90 percent or higher ratings (excellent or good) from surveyed users in crucial categories such as analyses, dashboards, satisfaction, and recommendation. 

  • 93% for Qlik Sense analyses functionality
  • 93% for Qlik Sense dashboard creation ability
  • 93% would recommend Qlik Sense
  • 94% are satisfied with Qlik Sense

Qlik democratizes analytics and BI so people at all skill levels can freely explore data. Qlik Sense is the market’s most powerful and complete SaaS analytics offering, powered by Qlik’s patented Associative Engine and advanced AI assistance through Insight Advisor. With Qlik, the entire workforce can uncover hidden insights, make smarter decisions, and drive better outcomes through data.

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