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AWS Launches Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) In India

AWS, in collaboration with NITI Aayog, launches Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) in India during a virtual launch event, making it first in the world for AWS to engage with a government agency at a national level. The idea behind the NITI Aayog Frontier Technologies CIC is to help educational institutes, startups, government agencies, nonprofits firms, and public sector organizations come together and solve critical societal challenges in the country.

Talents from different institutes and organizations can leverage AWS technologies and innovate to quickly bring products in the market. With the CIC, one can gain access to essential knowledge, skills, and resources to blaze a trail in a wide range of underserved sectors like agriculture, health and more. CIC will also act as a gateway for associating with government departments to include subject matter experts. 

“The NITI Aayog Frontier Technologies CIC will enable pace of innovation with rapid prototyping of applications, while lowering cost of experimentation with technology, and scaling quickly to deliver outcomes good for the public sector in India,” said Manav Sehgal, India lead of AWS CICs.

AWS has witnessed several benefits from CIC in countries like Australia, Bahrain, Germany, France, among others, as it is accelerating innovation and deployment of solutions. In India, CIC will empower companies to solve India-specific challenges by using the entire AWS technologies for ML, AI, AR/VR, storage, networking, IoT and more. 

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“We invite public sector organizations in India to submit real-world challenges to the NITI Aayog Frontier Technologies CIC. We will combine public sector knowledge of the community and use AWS technologies to address selected challenges. We will also share the prototypes and documentation that we create as open source with other communities facing similar challenges,” said Ben Butler, global lead for AWS CICs at AWS.

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