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PyTorch Joins Hands With OpenMined To Offer 4 Free Course

OpenMined, an open-source community that ensures privacy-preserving artificial intelligence workflows, joined forces with PyTorch and others to make four free courses. PyTorch provided $600,000 to OpenMined to create and deliver free courses starting from January 2, 2021. The new courses by OpenMined will be under the banner The Private AI Series, which will be based on PyTorch.

“New paradigms and skills are spread most effectively through education, so we’re building an entirely new learning platform starting with a series of courses on privacy-preserving machine learning,” notes OpenMined.

The Private AI Series

The four courses — Privacy and Society, Foundations of Private Computation, Federated Learning Across Enterprises, Federated Learning on Mobile — will be of more than 146 hours, giving you a complete understanding of privacy and security while working with sensitive data.

Since the course will be created in association with Facebook AI, University of Oxford, PyTorch, Future of Humanity Institue (university of Oxford), BigData (UN Global Working Group), and OpenMined, the course will be delivered by experts, including guest experts from MIT, Harvard, and more. 

Some of the core features of courses include real-world projects, technical mentorship, and more. The Private AI Series by OpenMined will not only offer free learning but also prepare you for upcoming private data analysis certification by the United Nations Global Working Group (GWG) on Big Data.

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Privacy and bias have become the most significant barrier to the proliferation of artificial intelligence. Addressing one of the issues — privacy — OpenMined is working toward pushing the technology’s development for the greater good. Federated learning, a technique to train models without sharing the data, is a groundbreaking process to preserve privacy. This course highly focuses on the privacy technique to teach both beginners and practitioners with its upcoming four free courses. 

You can sign up for the course today and start when it is available early next year.

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