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IBM Is Offering Free Certification On Coursera For Attending Its Data & AI Conference

IBM’s Digital Developer Conference Data & AI is going to be held on November 10 for Americas & Europe and November 24 for India & Asia Pacific, where you can get a free specialization or professional certification by completing a data science course on Coursera. The four-track free conference by IBM is focused on AI in production, Data & AI Essentials Course, 5 Hands-on labs, and Data Competitions & Open Source.

IBM Data & AI Conference

Digital Developer Conference Data & AI is ideal for both machine learning beginners and practitioners to learn from experts on a wide range of data science topics. Some of the most interesting sessions would be the deployment of models in production and overcoming challenges associated with productizing. The conference will also have sessions on best practices while developing machine learning models, covering design patterns used by developers, fairness in AI, bias detection and mitigation, building AutoAI pipeline for cyber threat detection, and more.

Unlike other conferences, what makes the IBM Digital Developer Conference Data & AI a must-attend is that the event does not binge you with a plethora of information. The sessions are very industry-relevant with topics like the future of open-source, optimizing models for accuracy, among others. Besides, the conference will host a data competition–Call for Code Spot Challenge on Wildfires. Further, IBM will also release a new geospatial dataset from the IBM Weather Operations Center, going back to 2005, for machine learning enthusiasts to blaze their trails.

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As a part of the fourth Digital Developer Conference, IBM is providing a special digital badge and certification of data science courses on Coursera. After the event, you will be receiving the offer of a course that you can redeem before March 30, 2021, to take a specialization/course from any of these programs: IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Specialization, IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, and Advanced Data Science with IBM Specialization.

Register for the Data & AI conference for free: India & Asia Pacific and Americas & Europe.

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