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Project Primrose: Adobe’s Interactive Dress Can Disrupt the Fashion Industry

Project Primrose by Adobe presents an interactive dress that changes its design and patterns with touch and movements.

Adobe has introduced their mind-boggling “Project Primrose,” which literally brings a dress to life. The audience displayed flabbergasted reactions as the demo was given in Los Angeles at MAX Sneaks

Adobe’s new avant-garde project might disrupt the fashion industry in the coming years. “Project Primrose” features a digital, interactive dress with embedded sensors on the fabric of the cloth. The interactive dress can change its surface design through a simple touch and body movement, displaying various patterns and animations. 

To get into the subject’s technicality, Adobe uses innovative modules that utilize reflective light diffusion for non-emissive flexible display systems. These modules use a reflective-backed polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC), an electroactive material typically employed in smart windows applications.

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These energy-efficient, non-emissive materials can be customized to various shapes and effectively scatter light, something that was displayed during the project primrose demo. 

Project Primrose wasn’t the only experimental idea showcased at Sneaks, as various other projects, such as Project Stardust, Project Fast Fill, and Project See Through, all revolving around AI, captivated the audience’s attention.

Adobe’s latest experiments give a glimpse of the vast and fast-changing world of generative AI and how big industries are amalgamating it within their creative headspace. Project Primrose is one such example where the surface of the dress is becoming a canvas for digital creatives and not just fashion designers. 

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