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Meta Launched AI Chatbots Embodied by Celebrities

In partnership with numerous well-known celebrities, Meta has created virtual assistants for users within social media applications.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced AI-powered chatbots that are designed to take on the persona of famous celebrities. These chatbots likely use the likeliness or personality of celebrities to interact with the users.

These celebrities, as the AI bots, will have their own profiles on Instagram and Facebook, allowing users to delve into their unique personas. Meta has introduced more than 28 of these AI personalities on social media platforms.

For instance, Snoop Dogg, as the Dungeon Master, guides users through adventures and games. LaurDIY, or Dylan, brings a quirky DIY and craft experience, catering to the Gen Z audience. Dwyane Wade, as Victor embodies the Ironman triathlete, will motivate users to engage in their workout activities. Kendall Jenner, as Billie, will be the ride-or-die companion, and Roy Choi, as Max, share seasoned sous chef knowledge for culinary tips and tricks.

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The other personalities include Charli D’Amelio as Coco, Izzy Adesanya as Luiz, Chris Paul as Perry, MrBeast as Zach, Paris Hilton as Amber, Naomi Osaka as Tamika, Raven Ross as Angie, Sam Kerr as Sally, and Tom Brady as Bru. 

Zuckerberg stated that this isn’t solely about answering questions but also about entertainment. He mentioned that there are some limitations as the chatbots do not have real-time access to updated information, but this feature will be added in the coming months. 

Furthermore, Meta also mentioned user interaction and feedback with AI chatbots are fundamental parts that will help them refine models. This, in return, will enhance users’ experience at a broader scale.

While Meta has aimed to attract audiences for interaction and connection with AI bots, recent videos featuring Meta AI personas created chaos as familiar celebrities were transformed into characters with different names.

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