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Password attacks rise to 921 every second globally: Microsoft 

As per Microsoft’s digital defense report of 2022, the volume of password attacks has risen to an estimated 921 attacks every second globally, which is a 74 % increase in just one year.

According to the same report, attacks against remote management devices have increased, with more than 100 million attacks detected in May 2022. These attacks have increased to five times more than the last year.

Microsoft last year’s defense report stated that it synthesized over 24 trillion security signals daily, which changed to 43 trillion signals in 2022. Microsoft uses sophisticated data analytics and AI algorithms to understand and protect against digital threats, attacks, and criminal activity.

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In 2021, Microsoft blocked 9 billion endpoint threats, 31 billion identity threats, and 32 billion email threats. To date, Microsoft has removed more than 10,000 domains used by cyber criminals and 600 used by nation-state actors. As per the report, the nation’s state actors have targeted 22% of the IT sector, 17% of NGOs, 14% of the education sector, and 10% of the government sectors. 

The report claimed that 93% of Microsoft’s ransomware incident response engagements revealed insufficient privilege access and lateral movement controls. The most common factors leading to weak protection against ransomware are weak identity controls, limited data protection, ineffective security operations, and multi-factor authentication.

Microsoft comprises more than 8500 security and threat intelligence experts, including engineers, researchers, data scientists, geopolitical analysts, investigators, frontline responders, cyber security experts, and threat hunters across 77 nations.

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