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OpenAI Planning to Release a New Open-source Language Model

The specifications of OpenAI's future open-source model have yet to be revealed.

ChatGPT creator OpenAI is planning to release a new open-source language model, thus preparing to make a huge move in the world of artificial intelligence development. This comes as open-source AI models gain traction, posing a threat to industry titans such as Google and OpenAI. 

This move comes only weeks after a leaked letter from a Google top developer acknowledged the growth of open-source AI technologies and their direct danger to Google and OpenAI

The specifications of OpenAI’s future open-source model have yet to be revealed. It is not intended to compete directly with the flagship ChatGPT. Instead, it is expected to contribute to the developing open-source AI community.

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When OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public, its generative AI gained great traction. This sparked a scramble among internet companies, with Google launching its own Bard chatbot shortly after. Meta Platforms, not wanting to fall behind, provided access to powerful machine-learning models capable of interpreting conversational language. 

These models were subsequently converted into open-source software, paving the way for the creation of free alternatives to ChatGPT and other proprietary AI tools.

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