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OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Web Browsing Capability

OpenAI's ChatGPT joins the ranks of Microsoft's Bing Chat on Windows, the Edge browser, and third-party browser plugins, as well as Google's Bard. 

In a recent announcement, OpenAI unveiled a significant update to its ChatGPT, allowing the AI model to once again scour the web for real-time information from “current and authoritative” sources.

This feature, aptly named “Browse with Bing,” is initially accessible to users with Plus and Enterprise subscriptions but is poised for a broader rollout to all users in the near future.

OpenAI‘s ChatGPT joins the ranks of Microsoft’s Bing Chat on Windows, the Edge browser, and third-party browser plugins, as well as Google’s Bard in Chrome and other browsers, in offering live web information retrieval. These platforms also provide clickable links when presenting search results, a feature now incorporated into ChatGPT’s Browse with Bing functionality. 

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While OpenAI offers instructions for the browser version, the same guidance is notably absent for the iOS app. Nonetheless, with a subscription in hand, users can access the feature through a series of steps: navigate to the three dots menu > Settings > New Features > Browse with Bing. 

Subsequently, initiate a new chat, tap GPT-4, and select “Browse with Bing.” Following these steps enables users to retrieve information from contemporary websites.

Furthermore, when ChatGPT responds to a query, users can click on the linked site to cross-reference the answers provided. This enhancement not only empowers users to verify the accuracy of the information but also ensures proper attribution—a crucial aspect, especially in a context where AI-generated content has the potential to be misleading.

OpenAI had previously introduced web browsing capabilities within its ChatGPT iOS app in late June, only to retract it shortly afterward.

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