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OpenAI Announces Cybersecurity Grant Program with $1M Grant 

The $1 million grant will be distributed in increments of $10,000 using both direct funding and API credits.

A new cybersecurity grant programme, supported by Microsoft, has been announced by OpenAI with the goal of enhancing AI-powered cybersecurity. The ChatGPT creator claimed that in order to better understand and increase the usefulness of AI models, approaches are being developed that will aid in assessing their cybersecurity capabilities.

Applications for OpenAI‘s funding programme are now being accepted on a rolling basis. The $1 million grant will be distributed in increments of $10,000 using both direct funding and API credits. The research lab declared that it will strongly favor practical AI applications in defensive cybersecurity such as tools, methodologies, and processes.

The blog post by OpenAI said, “Our goal is to work with defenders around the world to change the power dynamics of cybersecurity through the application of AI and the coordination of like-minded people working for our collective safety.”

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OpenAI offered a variety of project suggestions, such as reducing the use of social engineering techniques, assisting network or device forensics, automatically patching vulnerabilities, and developing honeypots and deception technology to divert or trap attackers. It also suggested encouraging end users to follow security best practices, assisting programmers in porting code to memory-safe languages, and more.

OpenAI will not be taking any offensive-security initiatives at this time. Applications with a detailed plan for how their work will be licenced and distributed for maximum public benefit and sharing will be given priority.

The cybersecurity grant from OpenAI comes shortly after the company announced ten grants totaling $100,000 to support research into how to establish a democratic process for selecting what guidelines AI systems should adhere to in order to comply with the law.

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