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Online Education Startup Deep Eigen Raises Seed Funding to Offer Advanced Courses

Deep Eigen raises $250,000 in the seed funding round.

Deep Eigen, an online education platform that focuses on offering graduate-level courses related to engineering, science, and mathematics (including, but not limited to, robotics, AI, and autonomous driving), raises $250,000 from a US-based investor at a valuation of over $5.75 million. Founded in the year 2021 by Sanjeev Sharma, Deep Eigen has been gaining traction from across the globe due to the technical superiority of the course offered by the company. Sanjeev is also a founder of an AV research startup Swaayatt Robots, which recently raised $3 million in seed funding.

“Courses in Indian colleges are significantly behind their foreign counterparts, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Online courses are typically only a mere introduction to the topics at large. This leaves a very wide gap between the knowledge one could acquire while being in the country, and what is actually required to work in the respective fields at large. Consequently, the only option one has to get the relevant knowledge is to leave the country and go abroad for MS/PhD or commercial MS/M. Eng programs,” says Sanjeev to Analytics Drift.

The lack of in-depth courses is apparent as most of the data science aspirants struggle to get a job even after completing different AI-related courses. Unlike other edtech providers like Coursera and Udacity, Deep Eigen delivers courses that go beyond the introduction of various machine learning techniques. The company has also recently released a few courses for free due to popular demand across learners from different parts of the world.

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The courses of DeepEigen are generally categorized as IA, IB, and II. The category IA course is equivalent to a course being at the top 10 graduate programs in the world, with additional emphasis on industrial relevance. The category IB courses are equivalent to a one-semester course taught on the same topic at top universities during a graduation program. The category-II courses are typically broader with significant theoretical depth (comparable to graduate-level depth) and focus heavily on real-world practical applications. “Not everyone can get to graduate schools abroad; they are limited and expensive as well. In addition, the colleges’ fee is rising every year, whether in India or abroad. As a result, providing sustainable education is essential in India to keep the workforce competitive with respect to the world,” emphasizes Sanjeev.

According to Sanjeev, the funds will be used to hire instructors, teachers, and video editors to expedite the process of devising new courses. In the coming months, Deep Eigen will launch Reinforcement Learning (category IB), Mathematical Optimization (category IA), Natural Language Processing (category II), and full Machine Learning (category IA) courses.

Deep Eigen will also use a small portion of the funds in open research and development for devising new courses on Deep Learning, Reinforcements Learning, Robotics (aerial and ground), and other science and mathematics courses while also improving the platform with AI/NLP engine at the backend for a better user interface.

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